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TraME (test version)

R implementation of the “TraME” library


TraME (Transportation Methods for Econometrics) is a toolbox for solving problems of equilibrium computation and estimation in discrete choice and matching problems using Optimal Transport techniques.

Presentation slides are available here.

TraME core team: Alfred Galichon, Keith O’hara, Simon Weber.


Available from GitHub here.

Installation and testing

First, install Gurobi along with the proper R interface package. Then, the quickest way to install TraME is via the devtools package.


The TraME test routines are invoked as follows:


Documentation coming soon.


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(c) 2015 the TraME Project, led by Alfred Galichon. Implementation in R. Requires Gurobi. This software may be used for non-commercial use only and comes with absolutely no warranty.