Microeconometrics, Quantitative Finance, Data Science


NEW: My PhD course on “Optimal Transport Methods in Economics” at MIT has started.

Current academic affiliations: 
Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT): Visiting Professor of Economics (2014-2015)
Sciences Po, Paris: Professor of Economics (on leave 2014-2015)

Harvard University, Ph.D. in Economics (2007)
Ecole des Mines de Paris, Ing. Corps des Mines (2003)
Ecole Polytechnique, B.Sc. (2000, X 1997)

Editorial boards:
Associate Editor, Review of Economic Studies, Annals of Economics and Statistics, and Economic Theory

Research funding:
European Research Council (ERC) Starting Grant 2013-2017: “EcoMatch. Matching Markets: Theoretical and Empirical Investigations”. Amount: € 1,119,000.

Current research themes:
Matching, Consumer theory, Hedonic models, Risk sharing, Risk measures, Quantile regression

MIT Economics, E18-222
77 Massachusetts Avenue
Cambridge, MA 02139-4307
e-mail: galichon@mit.edu