Econometrics, Quantitative Economics, Data Science


PhD students (current and former)

Monty Essid (co-advised with Bob Kohn; NYU, Mathematics; expected defense 2018).
Keith O’Hara (NYU, Economics; expected defense 2018).
Edoardo Ciscato (co-advised with J.-M. Robin; Sciences Po, Economics; expected defense 2018).
Lucas Vernet (Sciences Po, Economics; expected defense 2018).
Mathilde Poulhès (co-advised with Denis Fougère; Sciences Po, Economics; expected defense 2018).
Odran Bonnet (Sciences Po, Economics; expected defense 2018).
Yifei Sun (NYU, Mathematics; defended April 2018).
Simon Weber (Sciences Po, Economics; defended September 2017).
Flavien Léger (co-advised with Nader Masmoudi; NYU, Mathematics; defended May 2017).
Damien Bosc (Ecole Polytechnique, Economics; defended June 2012).


Raicho Bojilov, Assistant Professor at Ecole polytechnique
Odran Bonnet, PhD student at Sciences Po
Damien Bosc, Researcher at EDF R&D
Guillaume Carlier, Professor at Universite Paris-Dauphine
Arthur Charpentier, Professor at UQAM and Rennes 1
Victor Chernozhukov, Professor at MIT
Pierre-Andre Chiappori, Professor at Columbia University
Khai Chiong, Post-doctoral fellow at the University of Southern California
Edoardo Ciscato, PhD student at Sciences Po
Rose-Anne Dana, Emeritus Professor at Universite Paris-Dauphine
Arnaud Dupuy, Professor at University of Luxembourg
Federico Echenique, Professor at CalTech
Ivar Ekeland, Emeritus Professor at Universite Paris-Dauphine
Ivan Fernandez-Val, Professor at Boston University
Denis Fougere, Senior researcher at CNRS
Nassif Ghoussoub, Professor at University of British Columbia
Marion Gousse, Assistant Professor at Laval University
Marc Hallin, Professor at Universite Libres de Bruxelles
Marc Henry, Professor at Penn State University
Yu-Wei Hsieh, Assistant Professor at University of Southern California
Sonia Jaffe, Post-doctoral Fellow at the Becker Friedman Institute
Scott Kominers, Fellow at the Harvard Society of Fellows
Pierre Henry-Labordere, Senior Quantitative Analyst, Societe Generale
Brendan Pass, Assistant Professor at the University of Alberta
Mathilde Poulhes, Senior Civil Servant at the French Ministry of Finance and PhD Student at Sciences Po
Bernard Salanie, Professor at Columbia University
Matt Shum, Professor at CalTech
Yifei Sun, PhD Student at NYU, Courant Institute
Philippe Tibi, CEO of Pergamon Campus and professor at Ecole Polytechnique
Nizar Touzi, Professor at Ecole polytechnique
Filippo Santambrogio, Professor at Universite Paris-Sud Orsay
Lucas Vernet, PhD student at Sciences Po
Simon Weber, PhD student at Sciences Po
Liping Zhao, Analyst, CICC

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