Econometrics, Quantitative Economics, Data Science


Lecture series

Economic applications of optimal transport

Lake Como School of Advanced Studies from May 7-11, 2018 (6h)

Course material

The lecture slides will be available before each lecture on this Github link.

Description of the Course

These lectures will deal with economic applications of optimal transport.


Galichon, A. (2016). Optimal transport methods in economics. Princeton.

Monday 5/7, 2:30pm-4:30pm
Tuesday 5/8, 11am-12:30pm
Thursday 5/20, 9am-10:30am
Thursday 5/20, 11am-12:30pm

1. Multinomial choice models and their inversion (1h30)
Based on:
– Chiong, Galichon, Shum (2016). Duality in dynamic discrete choice models. Quantitative Economics.
– Bonnet, Galichon, Shum (2017). Yogurts choose consumers? Identification of Random Utility Models via Two-Sided Matching. Preprint.

2. Separable matching models with heterogeneity (1h30)
Based on:
– Galichon, Salanié (2010) Matching with Trade-offs: Revealed Preferences over Competing Characteristics. Technical report.
– Galichon, Salanié (2017) Cupid’s Invisible Hand: Social Surplus and Identification in Matching Models. Preprint.

3. Affinity estimation: a framework for statistical inference in matching models (1h30)
Based on:
– Dupuy, Galichon (2014) Personality traits and the marriage market. Journal of Political Economy.
– Dupuy, Galichon, Shum (2017) Estimating matching affinity matrix under low-rank constraints. Preprint.

4. Equilibrium transport: incorporating taxes in matching models (1h30)
Based on:
– Galichon, Kominers, Weber (2017) Costly Concessions: An Empirical Framework for Matching with Imperfectly Transferable Utility. Preprint.
– Dupuy, Galichon, Jaffe, Kominers (2017) Taxation in matching markets. Preprint.