Econometrics, Quantitative Economics, Data Science



The following papers benefited from the support of the ERC-sponsored project EQUIPRICE.

Working papers

A model of decentralized matching markets without transfers. With Yu-Wei Hsieh. Available here.
Yogurts choose consumers? Identification of Random Utility Models via Two-Sided Matching. With Odran Bonnet, Keith O’Hara, and Matt Shum. Available here.

Papers in revision

Cupid’s Invisible Hand: Social Surplus and Identification in Matching Models. With Bernard Salanié. Revision requested (3rd round), Review of Economic Studies. Available here.

A note on the estimation of job amenities and labor productivity. With Arnaud Dupuy. Revision requested, Quantitative Economics. Available here.

Published or forthcoming papers

SISTA: learning optimal transport costs under sparsity constraints. With Guillaume Carlier, Arnaud Dupuy and Yifei Sun. Accepted for publication, Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics. Available here.
Single market nonparametric identification of multi-attribute hedonic equilibrium models. With Victor Chernozhukov, Marc Henry, and Brendan Pass. Accepted for publication, Journal of Political Economy. Available here.
Taxation in matching markets. With Arnaud Dupuy, Sonia Jaffe, and Scott Kominers. Forthcoming, International Economic Review. Available here.
Like Attract Like? A Structural Comparison of Homogamy Across Same-Sex and Different-Sex Households (2020). With Edoardo Ciscato and Marion Goussé. Journal of Political Economy 128, no. 2, pp. 740-781. Available here.


EQUIPRICE: Equilibrium methods for Resource Allocation and Dynamic Pricing. European Research Council consolidator grant (ERC-CoG) No. 866274, 2020-2025.