Econometrics, Quantitative Economics, Data Science


Master Class

Linear Programming: Theory and Economic Applications

Sciences Po Summer 2014 (8h)

Course material

Available here.

Description of the Course

The course will focus on linear programming and its economic applications. The main concepts (feasibility, duality, complementary slackness) will be introduced. Algorithms and softwares will be discussed. Various applications will be proposed: optimal assignments, flows on networks, Walrasian equilibrium, discrete choice theory.

Day 1. (4h)
General introduction.
Fundamentals 1: Basic concepts and duality.
Application 1: Optimal assignments.
Application 2: Network flows.

Day 2. (4h)
Fundamentals 2. Computation: algorithms and softwares..
Application 3: Walrasian equilibrium.
Application 4: Discrete choice theory.